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Peter and I have worked together for many years and have a mutual love for Song.

During the global phenomenon that was COVID 19 and the subsequent lockdown, we decided to use our enforced isolation to learn some songs that we had always wanted to work on but had never had the time. 

Working on the songs naturally led us to exploring more repertoire and before we knew it we had over 30 pieces in our learning pile. At this point we decided that it was probably time to postpone too much further investigation and to concentrate on our initial choices. As we worked on the pieces a theme started to emerge, and Dreams Desires Desolation started to take shape. 


We had found a few German and French songs that really appealed to us and resonated with the theme that was taking shape but, in the end, we decided to concentrate on songs in English for this album. The mix of songs came together almost by itself and we descover that we have some well-known and lesser known songs with a few long forgotten ones which we feel makes an interesting mixture.


But, most excitingly, we also have 3 world premier recordings on the album. 

While we were investigating the music on our shelves, Peter came across Autumn, an unpublished song by his teacher of many decades: Peter Gellhorn. This was a hand written copy and given to Peter many years ago. We found it so atmospheric and so in tune with our concept that it just had to be included in the album, with the added hope that it might help keep Peter's name and music current. 


The other two new songs are written by Clive Pollard, a colleague and friend, with whom both Peter and I have worked for many years. We asked him to set The Cloths of Heaven for us for a concert we were giving a few years ago and, as we both loved his setting, we asked him to set another poem - Go Song of Mine - specifically for this album. 

We are blessed with having Andrew Keener not only as a colleague but also as a friend. He encouraged us to make this album and promised us that he would produce it, if we ever got around to making it. He is one of the top of his profession, extremely experienced, incredibly knowledgeable and guided us through the process of this recording in a kindly but firm manner; indeed, sometimes he was like a dog with a bone if he felt we hadn't achieved all that he thought we could. 


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Henry Wood Hall was our recording venue, and it was a joy to work there.

If you would like to purchase a CD from us, please go to the contact page and send an email.

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This Album is dedicated to both of our fathers who were strong supporters of the project, but sadly not around to enjoy the final result.

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